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Thomas has a broad experience from most corners of our planet. He has been working with celebrities walking on the red carpet and been on the ground in hostile environments in several countries.

During his 40 years of breathing he has always been fascinated by other peoples feelings towards laughs and cries in the everyday challenges and crisis. But it was not only until he really started to work and explore the African continent that he got to see peoples ability to handle good and less good situations in their everyday lives.

After having worked with a great number of people in challenging conditions, he decided to get deeper into the human mind.

Talks is often the best way to communicate and will often be a red thread with a toolbox tied to it for you as a human being to use. After this Thomas decided to get a formal education attached to his experience and by doing so he got trained in hypnosis as a tool when working with trauma and other difficult human situations.

Thomas studied hypnotherapy with Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training and Services Inc. Becoming Master Hypnotist and Certified 5-Path Hypnotist. After this he trained Stage hypnosis with the famous stage hypnotist Michael C. Anthony.

Thomas has travelled the world being a keynote speaker in multinational companies and events. He has also got awarded for his engagement in helping others.

Booked Events around the world

Thomas has been seen and heard at events near you. Recently he has been visiting Thailand, India, Hong Kong, China, Nigeria, U.K, Germany, Latvia, Spain and more. In these places he has been booked to do both hypnosis comedy shows as well as appearing as a keynote speaker. 

I look forward to hear from you

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